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Herbal tinctures are liquid formulas that have been made from dried herbs, and are taken orally. As much as I love essential oils, I have learned that they are not the only answer for everything. Sometimes herbs are needed internally, either alone, or in conjunction with essential oils, to fully support and heal the body, and give us the results we are looking for.  Listed below, you will find all of the formulas available. For more details on each of these formulas and their uses, click here (.pdf document), or consult the book Butterfly Miracles with Herbal Remedies, available to purchase here
**Information from the book is now available online! See the bottom of this page for links. Feel free to contact me using the form in the sidebar to the right if you have questions!**

Herbal Tincture Combination Formulas

Some formulas are available in your choice of alcohol tincture, or glycerite. The formulas available as a glycerite are marked with an *. All others are only made as an alcohol tincture.

AFB (formerly Afterbirth)
AC (formerly Acne)
AD (formerly Adrenal Toner)
AL (formerly Allergies)
APL (formerly Anti-Plague)
ARN (formerly Arnica Flower Oil)
AP (formerly Arthritis Plus)
ASP (formerly Antispasmodic)
BAC* (formerly Bacteria)
BBL* (Pain reliever, Nervine, Anti-spasmodic)
BC (formerly Bowel Cleaner)
BHM*(Bone, High Mineral)
BP* (formerly Blood Pressure)
BRON* (formerly Bronchitis)
CAC (Laxative, bowel cleanser)
CAN (formerly Candida)
CART (Cartilage Rebuilder)
Cascara/Juniper (Pancreas, Blood Sugar. Type II Diabetes)
Catnip/Chamomile* (Gas/Colic, infants)
Cayenne OR HVC (Honey, Vinegar, Cayenne)
CB (Cramp Bark, amazing for menstrual cramps!)

CC (AMAZING first response for cold/flu, great for kids)
CD* (formerly Colon-Digestive)
CF (formerly Chronic Fatigue)
CM Salve (for skin irritation, rashes, minor burns, etc)
COL* (colic, adults/children)
COLA (Colic, adults)
COMP (1st response for viral infections)
CR (formerly Crisis, infection fighter, sore throat, colds, flu)
EB (formerly Eyebright, eye wash for infections of the eye)

EO (Ear Oil)
ESS (#1 strongest cleansing program I know of)
EUST (formerly Eustachian)
EW ( Formerly Energy, Weight Loss)
FC (formerly Flu Combination)
FN (formerly Anti-Fungal)
FS (Formerly Flu Stopper)
FSW (Formerly 5 Week Formula, prior to childbirth)
FV* (Formerly Fever)
Ginko/Dong Quai (memory, concentration, brain, circulation)
GI (formerly Gallstone-Indigestion)
Ginger--use in Ginger Bath (fever, when sick person has chills and can’t get 

        warm, sore muscles)
GUM (formerly gum/mouth relief)
HD (headache, made as a tea)
HGL (adrenal, pancreas support, blood sugar)
HP* (formerly Herpes Simplex)

IBL* (formerly Iron-Blood)
IF* (formerly Infection Fighter)
KB (formerly Kidney-Bladder)
KNA* (Kelp, nettle, alfalfa—Thyroid support)
KS (formerly Kidney Stone)
KT* (formerly Kidney toner)
LB (formerly Lower Bowel)
LC (formerly Liver Cleanse)
LCON (formerly Lung Congestion)
LIC (support for adrenal glands, pancreas; blood sugar control)
LS (formerly Labor Stimulator)
LT (formerly Lymph Tonic)
MC (formerly Miscarriage Aid)
MH (formerly Mens herbs)
MIN* (formerly Minerals—great daily supplement)
MP (formerly Mastitis Pack)
MS (Formerly Multiple Sclerosis)
MULC (infection fighter, especially respiratory)
MW (formerly Mature Woman)
NAUS (for hormone/pregnancy related nausea)
NF* (Formerly Nursing Formula)
Nervine Formula’s: NS, NT*, NVC*, NV (e-mail for details)
PARA (formerly Parasites)
PF (formerly Pancreas Formula)
PL (formerly Pleurisy/Lung)
PHB (for hormone balance, esp. low progesterone)
PN or PPAC (for pain, used as a soak, pack, or poultice)
PT (formerly Pregnancy Tea)
RC* (Red Clover blend, a powerful infection fighter.) *a favorite
RC-L* (RC with the addition of Lomatium for bacterial or
          viral stomach flu)
Raspberry/Myrrh (endocrine support, pancreas;blood sugar)
Rosehips  or SUPER C (great source of useable vitamin C, Folic Acid)

Sally (Siberian ginseng (eleuthero), alfalfa, peppermint, chamomile) click here to learn more
SN*-(formerly Sinus Infection/Allergy)
SPRING (for bacterial infection/flu in lungs)
SS ( formerly Strep/Staph—amazing strep/staph fighter!)
TRT ( formerly Sore Throat gargle   *a favorite)
TY* (formerly Thyroid)
WC-Formerly Wild Cherry Cough Syrup (
this is the best cough syrup you'll ever use!)
Yarrow/Usnea* (great bacterial, strep and staph fighter)
YW* (formerly Young Woman; hormone balancing blend)

**In addition to buying the herbal tinctures already made up, you can buy the Dry Herb Pack, with the herbs already measured and pre-packaged, and tincture your own  herbs. This is a good option if you find a formula you will be taking regularly or long term. It can save you lots of money! Check out the "Dry Herb|Salves Section of the product catalog to find the Dry Herb Packs for the above formulas.

Butterfly Express has a wonderful book, Butterfly Miracles with Herbal Remedies, which gives more details about each of these herbal recipes and their uses. I've posted links to excerpts from the book at the bottom of this page. If you are interested in learning about how to use herbs to take care of yourself and your family, I can’t recommend purchasing a hardcopy of this book enough. This book is definitely NOT your mothers herbal book-it’s  easy to read and  provides very practical, usable information for today’s world.  Because this is a reference book that you will want to refer to often, I have found that hard copies are so much more user-friendly, convenient and efficient! Click here to purchase hardcopies of Butterfly Miracles with Essential Oils or Butterfly Miracles with Herbal Remedies (save $$ by bundling them together!)

If you have questions about a particular item, or need more information  on matching an herbal tincture to your particular needs, please feel free to e-mail me at or use the contact form to the right.. I would be more than happy to e-mail you information or help you find the right herbal recipe to fit your needs.

Herbs - Salves Information

From the Book "Butterfly Miracles
with Herbal Remedies", by Laree Westover

Recipes (plus detailed descriptions on the use of each formula)

Laree Westover, owner of Butterfly Express, used to be an herbal midwife for many, many years before discovering essential oils. These herbal formulas have been created by her, often to treat people she was personally working with at the time. Some of them are based on formulas that have been proven successful for hundreds of years.