Question of the Week: Are Butterfly Oils Certified Organic?

While a good share of our oils are certified organic or wild crafted,
we do not normally label them as such. The industry has placed an
undo emphasis on “organic” status and in most cases the price of these
oils is dramatically higher and the quality is actually lower. There are
exceptions, but we at Butterfly Express, llc, do not wish to join the
charade or promote this hype.

Adding fractionated components – even though they are natural and
possibly organic – to a poor quality oil is a common practice. The oil
is then sold for an exorbitant amount. This is sometimes the case
with expensive “organic” oils.

Frequently there are no tests (gas, mass spectrograph or other expensive
tests) that can detect a well-done adulteration.

A well-trained human nose is imperative as these manufactured oils are
not as therapeutic as naturally occurring oils in most cases. 1

Butterfly Express, llc, uses several trained experts to qualify our oils
using the human nose and muscle testing (kinesiology).

Happy Oiling
Val Westover

additional note:

With as many loopholes as there are in maintaining a certified organic status, 
it's not worth the cost to source certified organic just doesn't guarantee
 quality. Did you know that once certified organic status is achieved, in order to
 renew, a grower simply has to fill out some paper work and declare they 
haven't used any pesticides or other chemicals that year?? Plus, the quality of 
an oil also depends on being grown in nutrient rich soil, harvested at the time 
of season, even the time of day, where the plant is at it's peak, and steam 
distilled with strict protocols to preserve medicinal quality...these are all things
 being certified organic simply can't guarantee. So we prefer to work with 
growers we trust, and whose practices are in line with our never ending quest 
for quality.

1(Dr. David Stewart - The Chemistry of Essential Oils.)

~This statement was published in the Butterfly Expressions Newsletter, March 2013