Muscle Testing 101

What is Muscle Testing? What can it be used for? How can I learn it? Why should I care??

I am often asked about muscle testing, also known as kinesiology. Kinesiology uses the relationship between thoughts and the muscles of the body to access knowledge. Muscle testing can also defined as "accessing information the body already knows." Muscle testing is certainly not new. It is based in science, and there is nothing wierd or voodoo about it. It has been used for many years as a diagnostic tool in natural and alternative health fields. If you have ever visited a holistic or naturopathic physician, they will most likely use kinesiology to find out from your own body what is causing your illness and imbalance, and what is needed to correct it.

It is my belief that we were created by a loving God who instilled in our bodies a great intelligence, and provided a way for us to access necessary information, from our own bodies, that enables us to take care of ourselves. I also believe that we, on some level beyond the physical, understand the "blueprint" of our own creation. This means that when we are ill or showing symptoms of disease, our body, on a deeper level than we are consciously aware of, already knows exactly what is wrong, and knows exactly what is needed to be whole and brought back into balance. Muscle testing can be used to obtain any information relating to health and well being. It was not designed for, and should not be used for any other purpose! 

I have compiled some of the best resources I have found to help you understand more about how muscle testing works and how you can learn this valuable tool for yourself. It is a skill anyone can learn. It does take considerable practice to become proficient at it, but it is worth the effort! Muscle testing is one of the most valuable skills I have learned, enabling me to take care of myself and my family!

HERE is the chapter from the book Butterfly Miracles with Homeopathic Remedies by Laree Westover, that deals with muscle testing. This is packed with information, and the very best place to start when just learning!

There are many, many ways to muscle test, and different muscles to test. If you search You Tube you will find dozens of videos teaching different methods. I've tried them all! HERE is a link to the method that was the easiest for me to master, and the easiest to teach my children. HERE is another great video showing a couple of different methods.

Best of luck on your journey in learning to use this amazing and wonderful tool!