How to Use Essential Oils in place of OTC Drugs

Need practical advice on how to use Essential Oils?

Our Medicine Cabinet Makeover Series gives you practical, easy to implement information on how to use essential oils instead of OCT drugs and pharmaceuticals. We will help you understand more about the benefits of each oil we cover, it's healing properties, what OTC products it can replace, and ways you can start using essential oils in your home right now!

Deliverance-an antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, immune building powerhouse!

Medicine Cabinet Makeover: Using Essential Oils Instead of OTC Products-Tea Tree

leBreezey Essential Oil-Discount Butterfly Oils

Medicine Cabinet Makeover: leDeeper-Using Essential Oils instead of Pharmaceuticals

* All the Single and Blended oils we cover in our Medicine Cabinet Makeover series are sold by Butterfly Express, LLC. There are lots of good companies out there that make great blends, but these are the tried and true blends we know, use and love with our own families. We are an authorized distributor for Butterfly Express Essential oils, and after years of working with this great company, we absolutely know that their oils are 100% pure, unadulterated, therapeutic quality, and that all the oil blends are lovingly and expertly created by folks with years of experience.

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