How I Survive Allergy Season with Butterfly Express Essential Oils!

Breeze through allergy season with my "essential oil allergy trifecta"!

Woke up with seasonal allergies this morning...runny nose, constant sneezing and itchy, watery eyes. Just 2 drops each of my favorite "allergy" oils from Butterfly Express and within 20 minutes I was symptom free! 

Cypress--dries up extra fluid...Goodbye runny nose and watery eyes
Eucalyptus--clears nasal passages, opens sinus's, helps dry up mucus
Lavender-powerful natural anti-histamine with none of the side effects of drugs!

**I just mix 2 drops each in the palm of my hand with a little carrier oil, rub my hands together, and rub the oil on my forehead, over sinuses, back of my neck, etc, then when most of the oil is gone and has been applied, I will put my hands together over my nose and mouth and just breathe really deeply so that I can get those molecules into my lungs and nasal passages.  Be careful to avoid getting the oil directly in the eyes. Because essential oils and herbs for that matter are metabolized by the body completely, they will need to be applied every few hours for best effect. Works like a charm..

Other oils worth trying:
Lemon-Assists in drying up extra fluid
Myrtle-A gentler cousin to Eucalyptus, this oil is gentle enough to be placed on a q-tip and swabbed inside the to clear up stuffy nose and sinus congestion. A favorite of my kids!
Aspire Blend-contains potent respiratory oils to bring relief from dry cough & seasonal allergy symptoms;
clears & opens respiratory passages!  

Alternate Recipe: I know of folks who mix a drop each of lavender, peppermint and lemon in water, and swish in the mouth for a few minutes before spitting out.

I LOVE Butterfly Express essential oils!

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